Zero to Keto

Your Keto journey with KetoAir Breathalyzer + AI Nutritionist


Why Are We Doing This

Qi Diagnostics Limited was born locally in Hong Kong, formed by a team of passionate talents from different expertise of biomedical scientists, nutritionists, designers and engineers. Together, we have worked hard to develop the world’s first KetoAir Breathalyser with an AI Nutritionist Consultation. Through our product, we wish to solve the hassles of monitoring your keto diet and provide nutritional advice 24/7, accompanying you to achieve a healthy living lifestyle.

With one goal in mind, our ambition is to promote Hong Kong’s innovation internationally and become a leading keto breathalyser product in the world.


How Can We Help

Ask AI Nutritionist, start your diet

Looking for a natural diet to lose weight and get a healthy body shape?

AI Nutritionist provides you with personalized ketogenic diet advice and knowledge to start your diet. Easily monitor your keto status with the KetoAir breathalyzer and accompany you to achieve your health goal with our guidance.


What You Need

KetoAir - measure your Keto status in one breath
  • Accurate, real acetone sensor

  • Quick and easy - Just a single blow, get the result in seconds

  • Knowing how different foods affect your ketone levels

  • Test anytime and anywhere

  • Stylish, Pocket size

  • Keep yourself monitored and motivated, helping you to sustain your perseverance

24/7 AI Nutritionist
at your fingertips
  • Cutting-edge AI Nutritionist system providing personalized diet and exercise recommendations 

  • All-rounded Ketogenic Diet information  

  • Numerous Keto recipes 

  • Log your daily diet and exercise records

  • Guide your nutrition and fitness regime plan


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